ISA World Junior Surfing Championships

The CISF will not be sending a team to the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships 2019 (‘ISA WJSC’); however, it will remain a member of the ISA, which allows for any elite athletes to compete as a Channel Island representative. Any elite athlete wishing to compete must apply for CISF Committee approval in advance of entering the competition. The application to the CISF must be signed by the parent or legal guardian and:

1) Demonstrate to the CISF Committee that they have the ability to compete at international level.
2) Provide details of why they wish for their child to be considered, enclosing details of recent contest results, to include results at UK and other overseas events where possible.
3) Acknowledge to pay the full costs including all travel, accommodation and contest entry fees for attending the ISA WJSC
4) Provide the name of the parent and or legal guardian travelling with their child
5) Confirm that the travelling parent or legal guardian will take sole responsibility to arrange all travel and accommodation requirements.
6) Confirm that they have the appropriate travel insurance for their child
7) Confirm that they will follow the CISF safe guarding policies for the full duration of the trip.
8) Take full responsibility, without limitation, for their child and themselves throughout the entirety of the trip.

In the event that applications received are deemed to have the ability to compete at this level exceed available team size, priority will be awarded at the CISF Committee’s discretion with consideration taken to the following:

1) Placing at British Cup
2) Results at UK and overseas events

Click here for the CISF’s full selection policy for 2019.

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