Eurosurf 2019 – Selection Criteria

Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras, Portugal from 20th-27th July 2019

Open mens x 3
Open ladies x 3
Longboard mens x1
Longboard ladies x 1

Selection criteria

1) Finalists from the 2019 C.I. Championships of the following divisions, seeded in order of placing:

• Open men – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
• Open ladies – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
• Longboard men – 1st
• Longboard ladies – 1st

2) Any unfilled slots will be allocated to the next ranked athlete in the division. In the event of a tie, the athlete with the highest two wave heat score in the last round when eliminated will be selected.

3) If unallocated slots remain after (1) and (2) above, slots will become available to athletes who were unable to attend the C.I. Championships. Individuals who wish to be considered for any unallocated slots must write to the CISF Committee providing details of why they wish to be considered, enclosing details of recent results. Applications for junior surfers under the age of 18 must be received from a parent/guardian. Allocation of any applications will be at the discretion of the CISF Committee.

To express an interest e-mail

Click here for the CISF’s 2019 policy on team selection covering the British Cup, Eurosurf and ISA events.

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